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How are we different.

You will notice that this website is specific to a “Category”  If you would like to “cross” categories please visit our legacy website www.FairfaxElectronics.com.

Our Security Experts track Security needs that electronics can solve. When we identify a need we package a technical solution so you don't have too.

Why should you listen to us ?

75 Years! We have been designing, engineering and selling these products for 75 years. We started serving online in 2001but our brick and mortar store has been in the same location since 1945.

Get involved!

FEEDBACK is important to us, suggestions are even better.

No idea where to start email us or call us! If a solution is available WE WILL FIND IT. We then use your questions/suggestions to create accessible information that others can use to share in your experience of course with your approval.

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      This website is a division of Fairfax Electronics, Inc.

      Biometrics.Equipment is FEI same great staff and support !

We are located in Los Angeles, California have been since 1945.

Ernest Rothchild started Fairfax Radio in 1945 with the intent of supplying radio components to “ham radio” operators. Ernie was a retired judge when he started Fairfax Radio. Ernie has since passed away but we remember him for the kind soul he was.

Jerre Ruchdashel then took the reigns of CEO. Jerre had been employed by Fairfax for over twenty years before taking on the challenge of FEI.

Jerre made several changes first to change the name to Fairfax Electronics, Inc. He was also the first distributor in the USA to bring in Aiphone products. Jerre built up a thriving Low-Voltage Distribution house.

Fairfax Electronics has survived; 3 Fires, 2 Riots, 3 Earthquakes and 5 recessions. FEI is not going anywhere and is the last Los Angeles Low-Voltage Distribution house.

Take a moment and visit our showroom when you are in town, say hi.

Paul Ramos was next in line. Unlike Jerre, Paul did not work at Fairfax Electronics. Paul was consulting for Fairfax Electronics helping Jerre transition into a new technology called the internet.

In 2006 Paul took the reign of CEO as Jerre decided to retire and spend his golden years with his dog, punky.

Springboard to today; with so many new technologies and opportunities Paul along with Shawn Mason (COO) decided to launch these new “micro-sites” .


This website is different, it will evolve as new product and information become available, we will blog regularly about industry topics that relate to the enduser YOU.   As new deals come to us they will quickly go up on this website.


Finally, NO QUESTION TOO BASIC, no question left unanswered. If we can’t give you a solution we will try our very best to point you in the right direction.

Thank You for taking the time to read about us.

Paul Ramos CEO